Unicorn Pursuivant

The Court of the Lord Lyon
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Roderick Alexander Macpherson

Roderick Alexander Macpherson was Lyon Macer from 2012 until 2018 when he became Falkland Pursuivant Extraordinary. In September 2021 he was advanced to Unicorn Pursuivant. A messenger-at-arms and sheriff officer, he is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and sometime Secretary of the Oxford University Heraldry Society. He has twice been President of the Society of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers, was Preses of the Grand Antiquity Society of Glasgow and is a past President of the Glasgow Highland Club.

Armorial Bearings of Roderick Alexander Macpherson

HM Unicorn Pursuivant

The unicorn was adopted as a royal badge some time after 1381 but it is not known exactly when the first Unicorn Pursuivant was created, the earliest names being John Fraser in 1426. Perhaps because it is the national beast of Scotland, the line of Unicorn Pursuivants has remained almost unbroken.
Parted per fess Or and Azure a lymphad of the First, sails furled, oars in action and tackling all Proper, flag and pennon flying Gules in dexter canton a dexter hand fessways couped holding a dagger erect, in sinister canton a cross crosslet firchée all of the Third, in dexter and sinister base a thistle slipped of the First all differenced in the lifetime of his father by a label of three points Argent. Crest: a cat sejant erect Proper grasping in the dexter paw a baton Sable tipped Argent.

Unicorn Pursuivants since 1426

1426 John Fraser 1467 Adam Wallace of Craigie 1474 Anon 1500 William Niven 1507 Thomas Pettigrew of Magdalensyde 1528 John Balfour 1543 Robert Hart 1554 William Hardy 1560 Alexander McCulloch 1567 Peter Ramsay 1570 Thomas Barrie 1585 Robert Fraser 1599 John Ramsay 1617 James Fuirde 1619 John Borthwick 1633 Thomas Fuirde 1635 George Wight 1636 Andrew Littlejohn 1646 Andrew Aitchinson 1660 William Malcolm 1662 William Hume 1707 Sir William Erskine of Cambo, Bart. 1715 James Kirkwood 1719 Charles Gordon 1741 William Boyd
1760 James Strachan 1764 Thomas Husband 1764 William Douglas 1790 Robert Grant 1796 David Anderson 1806 David Taylor 1825 Cook 1845 James Sinclair 1859 Andrew Gillman 1860 Stuart Moodie Livingstone 1902 John Horne Stevenson KC 1935 Sir John Mackintosh Norman MacLeod of Fuinary, Bart. 1929 Lt-Col. Harold Andrew Balvaird Lawson CVO 1939 Lt-Col. Gordon Dalyell of the Binns CIE 1955 Iain Moncreiffe of Easter Moncreiffe 1961 John Inglis Drever "Don" Pottinger LVO 1981 Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, Bart. 1986 Alastair Campbell of Airds 2008 The Hon. Adam Bruce 2012 Reginald John Malden 2016 Liam Devlin 2021 Roderick Alexander Macpherson
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