Ormond Pursuivant

The Court of the Lord Lyon
Scotland’s Heraldic Authority

John Stirling WS

Armorial Bearings of John Stirling WS

HM Ormond Pursuivant

Argent on a bend Sable three buckles Or and in chief a maunch of the First.
The title of Ormond Pursuivant was probably created around 1488 when James III created his second son Duke of Ross and MArquess of Ormond. The badge was designed by Mark D. Dennis.

Ormond Pursuivants since


1501 John Scrimgeour of Glaster 1557 Alexander Oliphant 1566 Martin Udwart 1569 Alexander MacCulloch 1577 John Gledstanes of Quothquhan 1600 David Gardner 1622 James Currie 1636 Adam Clerk 1641 Patrick Murdoch 1661 Mungo Murray 1668 James Spence 1701 William Smith
1708 John Turner 1710 Alexander Martine 1725 George Dick 1762 Patrick Begbie 1782 James Lawrie 1807 William Allan 1834 Edward Livingstone 1835 George Goldie 1840 Andrew Paterson 1855 John Brown 1971 Major David Maitland Maitland-Titterton 2009 Mark D. Dennis 2021 John Stirling WS
John Stirling was appointed Linlithgow Pursuivant Extraordinary in 2016 and advanced to Ormond Pursuivant in September 2021. He became a solicitor in 1992, later a Writer to HM Signet, he was Clerk to HM Society of Writers to the Signet 2002- 2008 and became a solicitor advocate in 2003. He is a partner in a firm of solicitors in Edinburgh.