Linlithgow Pursuivant Extraordinary

The Court of the Lord Lyon
Scotland’s Heraldic Authority

Professor Gillian Black

Armorial Bearings of Professor Gillian Black

HM Linlithgow Pursuivant in Ordinary

The badge is taken from the Arms of the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow.

Linlithgow Pursuivants since 1532

1532 Alexander Guthrie 1572 Gilbert Guthrie 1958 John Inglis Drever "Don" Pottinger 1987 Elizabeth Ann Roads 1994 Reginald John Malden 2001 John Charles Grossmith George 2010 Reginald John Malden 2012 Major Christopher George William Roads TD 2014 Liam Devlin 2016 John Stirling WS 2021 Professor Gillian Black
Badge painted by Yvonne Holton
Professor Gillian Black was appointed Linlithgow Pursuivant Extraordinary in September 2021. She is Professor of Scots Private Law at the University of Edinburgh, and a Commissioner at the Scottish Law Commission. After qualifying as a solicitor in 2002, she took up a lectureship at Edinburgh Law School in 2005 and completed her PhD on “Publicity Rights in Scots Law” in 2009. She is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and remains on the non-practising roll of the Law Society of Scotland. Coat of arms pending.
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