The Court of the Lord Lyon
Scotland’s Heraldic Authority
The Court of the Lord Lyon  The Court and Office of the Lord Lyon (known more simply as “the Lyon Court” although only truly a court when Lyon is acting in his judicial capacity) is the heraldic authority for Scotland and Scots living overseas. The Lyon Court deals with all matters relating to Scottish Heraldry and Coats of Arms, and maintains the Scottish Public Registers of Arms and Genealogies. The Lord Lyon King of Arms is also responsible for State Ceremonial in Scotland Where we are  The Lyon Court is situated in West Register St, Edinburgh, opposite Waverley Station, on the first floor of New Register House, a 19th century building designed by Robert Matheson to fit behind the Neo-Classical General Register House designed by Robert Adam.   Address for correspondance:  Court of the Lord Lyon HM New Register House Edinburgh EH1 3YT  tel: 0131 556 7255 The Lord Lyon  The Office of Lyon King of Arms dates from the 14th century.  The position may incorporate the much  older Celtic office of royal Seanchaidh or of King's Poet with responsibility for keeping the royal genealogy and attending the inauguration (later coronation) of the King.The Lord Lyon is the sole King of Arms in Scotland. He is head of the Heraldic Executive and the Judge of the Court of the Lord Lyon which has jurisdiction over all heraldic business in Scotland. As the person responsible for heraldry in Scotland, the Lord Lyon King of Arms has both administrative and judicial functions in relation to the granting and recording of Arms.
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